5 tips for writing a motivational letter for University Admission


For every student there is a time when he needs to write a motivation letter for application for a course or degree. Here are five tips for writing a motivation letter. 1. KNOW YOURSELF What we mean by this is that you have to sit down and really take time to understand why you are interested in this specific college, University or degree programme. Write down at least five unique things that make you stand out from everyone else. Those you are going to use in your letter, to prove to the admission panel that you are valuable candidate. 2.

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Motivation letter sample for a Master of Engineering & IT


Name Surname Address: Tel: Email: MAY 16, 2017 Admissions Office Munich University of Applied Sciences Address Dear Sirs or Madams: I would like to apply to your program Master of Engineering & IT for the 2018 winter term. My career objective is to become the head of technical department at family’s business, a company dedicated to providing maintenance service for electrical devices and solutions in automation systems in Albania. In order to reach my objective, I want to acquire advanced knowledge to combine information technology and automation. Moreover, to grow and expand our business beyond our borders, I want to

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Motivation letter sample for a Master in Industrial Ecology


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for Master’s degree program in Industrial Ecology offered by your University, starting in September 2018. I have decided to apply for this program since it is my determination to become a scientific researcher in the field of Industrial Ecology. I graduated in 2017, from the National Ukrainian University and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-environmental System Engineering. Thanks to the book “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things”, I got acquainted with the terms of industrial ecology and circular economy. These phenomenons introduced made me to change my thinking about environmental

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Motivation letter sample for a Master in Accounting

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Dear Sir/Madam,   I am writing to submit my application for Admission to Master program in Accounting offered by the Prague School of Economics.   I graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Turkey with a bachelor’s degree in Public Finance in January 2012, and since then, I have strongly involved in the field of accounting. Shortly after I graduated from university I have took the exams for Public accountant certification in order to start my compulsory apprenticeship to become a Certified public accountant in Turkey. As a result of that, I have managed to complete my internship successfully, and soon

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Motivation letter structure – or how to structure good motivation letter?

motivation letter

As most of you already know motivation letter structure should be in line with formal business letter, implying that you should use proper address format, salutation and formal language. Even though motivation letter is more personal type of the letter than cover letter for example structure should remain formal. 0) Let’s start first with addressing. There are several rules for proper addressing.  When you know the name of the person who is going to read your letter, you should address the letter directly to him/her. 1) Salutation. If you do know the name of the admission officer or recruiter, start

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How to write really good motivation letter ?

Most of us are not aware that good motivation letter could be one of the main things that qualify one for a school / job. Good motivation letter requires big investments of time in research and drafting, and then some additional time needed to check and rephrase the letter if necessary. Since good motivation letter can make a strong impact on the overall quality of your application, we have listed below some most useful tips and tricks for writing successful motivation letters.   LAYOUT   Try as hard as possible to make your letter to look nice. Ugly appearance of

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Motivation letter sample for Entry level mechanical engineer


[Name of HR Manager] HR Manager Mining Corps Louisiana, 70310 [Date] RE: Entry level mechanical engineer Dear Mr./Ms. […]: With this letter I would like to express my motivation for an entry level position for Mechanical Engineer in Mining Corp, as advertised in Mining News Classifieds on May 20, 2016. As indicated in my curriculum vitae, in August 2016, I expect graduate and receive my BSc degree in mechanical engineering from American Engineering University. Following my graduation, or even before I would then like to begin employment with a Company in which my effective performance will be met with recognition

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Motivation letter sample for a Junior Database Administrator

Molly Suarez 689, American Road New Orleans Louisiana, 70310 E-mail: molly.suarez@xxx.xxx Telephone: XXXXXXX   February 28, 2017   To: Melinda Tristan HR Manager IT Company LLC Louisiana, 70310   RE: Junior Database Administrator VN 3/17   Dear Ms. Tristan,   I am writing in regard to the Database Administrator entry position within your Company, as advertised on the JobsEurope website   As you may see in the attached resume I am certified Microsoft Database Administrator, holding graduate degree i IT and limited work experience in design, development and maintenance of database systems. Therefore I consider myself being perfect candidate for

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