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Motivation letter sample for a Master in Industrial Ecology

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for Master’s degree program in Industrial Ecology offered by your University, starting in September 2018. I have decided to apply for this program since it is my determination to become a scientific researcher in the field of Industrial Ecology. I graduated in 2017, from the National Ukrainian University […]

Motivation letter structure – or how to structure good motivation letter?

As most of you already know motivation letter structure should be in line with formal business letter, implying that you should use proper address format, salutation and formal language. Even though motivation letter is more personal type of the letter than cover letter for example structure should remain formal. 0) Let’s start first with addressing. […]

Motivation letter sample for Entry level mechanical engineer

[Name of HR Manager] HR Manager Mining Corps Louisiana, 70310 [Date] RE: Entry level mechanical engineer Dear Mr./Ms. […]: With this letter I would like to express my motivation for an entry level position for Mechanical Engineer in Mining Corp, as advertised in Mining News Classifieds on May 20, 2016. As indicated in my curriculum […]

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