Motivation letter sample for Master’s in public health

A Master in Public Health opens the opportunities for a very dynamic career in sector of public health. Master programs in public health are today one of the most wanted post-graduate degrees because they offer numerous career opportunities to graduates.

Today we have prepared for you motivation letter for Master’s in public health, since you will have to submit one with your application. The motivational letter we have drafted is for a MPH offered by one of the leading Universities in the Great Britain, however the sample may be easily adjusted for a similar master in public health offered by another University.

Motivation letter for Master’s in public health example

This letter was submitted for the Master of Public Health (MPH) at Imperial College London in United Kingdom. Even though letter is genuine, we have slightly modified it and personal data of the candidate.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have graduated from the Medical University in Kampala, Uganda in 2019, and with this letter I would like to apply for the Master of Public Health (MPH) at Imperial College London because I believe that preventing works better than treating. With prevention measures in place and by promoting health, governments could save funds and promote wellbeing of its citizen. Therefore, the field of public health is important as it takes care of the nation.

After going through description of the course I realized that it merges the study of epidemiology, biostatistics and health research methods with public health skills. So, I find It suitable for myself because I am interested in developing the research skills needed for public health career. I would like to enhance my experience in this field and pursue a future career that allows me to be innovative and helpful to people with limited resources to improve their health.

In Uganda, I studied public medicine and public health for 6 years. The program covered courses in: environmental health, biostatistics, health concepts, communicable and non-communicable disease research methodology, primary health care, epidemiology, health information systems, occupational health, school health and health economy and management. During final year of my studies I have completed residency in the Nairobi state hospital as part of my training. Furthermore, I did primary health care as a separate subject during second year of my studies.

While I was a student, I was interested in extracurricular activities as well, and I attended many medical and research seminars. During summer of 2017 I have also served as a communicable disease control consultant in response to Malaria outbreak in south Mauritania.

I am a hard-working individual who is willing to take on a leadership role, and who has high the capacity to study and sustain new knowledge all the time. I am a very social, open and friendly person. I like meeting new people, and I enjoy being around people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I find that highly rewarding. I am also creative person, and I love to read and play piano in my free time. I speak English as a mother tongue, Swahili and moderately Spanish.

I would be delighted to study in the United Kingdom, as it is home to the most-prestigious universities in the World and provides diversity in culture, race and ethnicity, so we can learn from one another. Upon graduation from master’s program, I would like to continue my education and pursue a doctoral degree on some well renown University.

I am convinced that the Master of Public Health at Imperial College London will provide me with the knowledge and skills that I need in my future career. I am also sure I will do my best to succeed in this program.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,


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