Motivation letter sample for a Master’s in Project Management

In this article we bring you motivation letter example for Master’s degree in project Management. This is a genuine motivation letter written by a student who applied for a degree course in Australia.

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Motivational letter for Master of Science degree in Project Management

I hereby wish to state my interest for a place in Master of Science programme in Project Management at Queensland University of Technology. 

The main reason I have chosen this master program is to develop my career and pursue post graduate education in project management with an excellent scholar who can practice international standards of project management. I find that this is essential for development of a country especially if country lacks the human resource in this sector which I believe is hindering the success of key development projects.

National government of my country approves numerous projects for community and economic well-being. Hundreds of projects are being implemented under the approved program. Beneficiaries believe in the spectacular outcome that is described, but all these projects being implemented across the country will be useless and if they are not approached in an internationally accepted way. According to Project Management Institute, population per one professional project manager is 4.5 thousand in China, 3.3 thousand in Japan, 4.5 thousand in South Korea, and 67.8 thousand in Mongolia. You can see from this overview how far behind my country Mongolia is. I believe that training our own human resources in international standards of project management is the most efficient and appropriate solution and it is my ultimate goal to dedicate my career to developing project management standards in my home country.

The second reason I have chosen this course is that in the era of technology, we must master a profession that is irreplaceable by AI to be competitive. Project management is critical for technological revolution itself and expected to be emerging. In a fact, the Project Management Institute estimates that in the five next years, close to 90 million people worldwide will have position involved in project management.

I have chosen Queensland University of Technology for its reputation in industrial and technological project management and its international recognition as program cooperated with Australian Institute of Project Management. This particular course and the university were also recommended by my current employer who is your Alumni member.

Bearing in mind what, on the one hand, my interests, prospects and qualifications are, and what, on the other hand your postgraduate study programme offers, I am very enthusiastic and eager to undertake this challenge.

Thank you very much for considering my request, I am looking forward to hearing from You.

Yours sincerely,

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