Motivation letter sample for Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering

In this article we bring you motivational letter example for Master’s degree program in echanical and Process Engineering. This is a genuine motivation letter written by a student who would like to study mechanical engineering in Germany.

Motivational letter sample for master in Mechanical and Process Engineering

I am writing this letter to express my great interest in applying for the Master degree of Mechanical and Process Engineering at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. I would like to attend this programme to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in mechanical industry needed for a career in one of the international companies.

It is well-known that Germany is the leading country in the field of engineering, while Kazakhstan has just started its way towards preparing skilled youth who are specialized in engineering in recent years. Therefore, the need for a world-class expert is higher than ever. Having that in mind, my objective is not limited only to building successful career, but also to contribute to the computerization of manufacturing and the development of this sector in Kazakhstan.

The main reason why I would like to enhance my knowledge in this area is the fact that I want to be able to manage cutting-edge technologies such as fully automotive manufacturing processes, high- tech machineries and equipment, appliances and similar.

After careful review of the curriculum, my desire to enrol to this program has increased significantly, as the studies will help me gain experience and advance my knowledge in areas such as thermodynamics and mechanics, which would be critical components for me when conducting a study on improving surface quality such metals like Aluminium, Steel, and so on by optimizing the cutting parameters to obtain a better surface roughness.

Furthermore, studying at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology enables me to improve my skills and interpersonal talents. I expect to have the opportunity to develop myself in an international environment by networking and interacting with different points of view, which would be very enriching experience for me.

I believe that my previous educational background and internship experience coupled with my abilities and great enthusiasm make me a good candidate for this Master program. I am convinced that this master program would provide me with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills I will need for a successful career in the future. I am very enthusiastic to have opportunity to study at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and to demonstrate my skills and ideas.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.


[Name Surname]

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