Motivation letter sample for Bachelor of mechanical engineering

Today we bring you a genuine sample motivation letter for bachelor of mechanical engineering sent last year for University Admission. As you know letter of motivation is essential part of application package for undergraduate studies so make sure to invest enough time in preparing the letter, because it is likely that admission panel will make decision on regarding your application based on the motivation letter.

Motivation letter for Bachelor of mechanical engineering

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am writing to apply for a Bachelor of Science degree program in Mechanical engineering offered by The Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth, Australia. I would like to enrol in Autumn session of 2020.

Since I was a child, I was always eager to understand, how a mechanism operates in a synchronous way to execute a particular function. Moreover, I was consistently thrilled by the challenge of disassembling a device, then reassembling it again. In fact, since my early childhood, building an engine or a robot was a both a dream and career goal. During high school, I enjoyed the idea of utilising math and physics to design practically utilized mechanisms. I was further stimulated when I began to read about hydraulics and thermodynamics system. That led me to realize that I have always wanted to study things that involve movement and coordination, in order to make practical utilization in development of various things. Therefore, choosing mechanical engineering is a decision based both on passion and on interests.

I already have an academic background in engineering because I am studying life sciences in my high school. At this point I would like to develop my career in Automation engineering or Mechatronics, because I did several high school projects related to automation. I am type of person who likes to invent and develop innovative products which are more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable, and therefore mechatronics would be an appropriate specialization for me.

I am confident that the Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth would be an excellent start of an exciting engineering career. For improving my education in engineering and preparing to start a career with confidence, Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth is the most appropriate choice for me. Moreover, your institution has a good ranking which makes it even more attractive as a choice for undergraduate studies. Insomuch I am amazed by the facilities and I believe in you and your program.

I consider myself to be a good candidate because of my thirst for knowledge. I also have a flexible and tolerant personality and can easily adapt to any environment. I believe that I should follow my dream while I am still young because now, I believe I can achieve anything. Thus, I am quite sure that I would like to apply for Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth program in order to achieve my goals. I do well under pressure but motivating environment can stimulate me to perform even better. 

In conclusion, I would like to reconfirm that I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and Broaden my understanding of the dynamic engineering world.

Thank you very much for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,

[Name Surname]

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