Motivation letter sample for an entry position in finance

As a junior financial analyst you will have a certain business responsibility. You will have to develop an extensive set of skills through a variety of challenging assignments in finance, accounting or even administrative tasks. Your area of responsibility will include decision making, maximization of short and long term profits, cash flows and shareholder value, along with financial reporting, creation of bank statements etc.


Typical Finance Starting Position


  • Financial Analyst for a brand or product category
  • Plant Financial Manager – optimizing costs in our manufacturing facilities
  • Financial Accountant
  • Internal Audit Analyst 

Motivation letter sample for an entry position in finance

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Dear Madam/Sir, Last Name,


With this application letter, I wish to express my interest in application for a junior associate in finance at your Company.


I am recent graduate at the ABC University, with major in accounting and finance. Currently, I am in pursuit of employment with firms located around Los Angeles area. Student internships I have undertaken in addition to my University education enabled me to feel confident working in business environment needed for your Company. Also, in addition, I posses several certificates on courses that I have taken in investment funds, finance and business, which has provided me with an essential foundation on which I plan to build my professional achievements and career.


During my time spent at the University and internships I have mastered variety of skills such as market research conducting, financial accounting and budgeting, which I believe will be of vast importance for the position at your company. Also, I posses numerous administrative skills and great eye for detail which, I believe will be an appropriate addition to your finance department operations.


In the Attachment I am sending you my Resume for your review. Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration. I am looking forward for your call for discussing my application in greater details.



Name and Surname

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