Motivation letter sample for a Personal Care Assistant

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Dear Mr. (Ms) [Last Name of the recipient],

With this letter I would hereby like to express my motivation for position of a Personal Care Assistant within your organization.

I came to United States of America as a political refugee in 2010. Since then I have completed a Certificate in Aged Care, offered by Open University in Portland, Oregon.. This included two week placement training at Portland Community Services Center. Throughout this training placement I have performed following duties:
• provision of feeding assistance to residents;
• assisting residents with daily life activities including personal hygiene, provision of assistance to persons with mobility difficulties, grooming, dressing of residents, etc.

Since my training I have had no official placement in personal care. However, during last 3 yeard I am taking care of my mother in law, who is seriously ill, and performing range of activities to ensure a decent life for her and my family. In my home country, where I have worked as a primary school teacher I have gained necessary skills in communicating with staff , children and their families.

I appreciate to get the opportunity to work as a Pesonal Care Assistant, since my personal mission is accomplished by making a difference in the lives of others, particularly the elderly. I am highly motivated with an excellent work ethic, have a good understanding of workplace safety and culture and can adapt quickly to organizational policies and procedures.

A copy of my CV is enclosed, giving further details of my work history, training and skills. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss possible employment prospects for myself.
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