Motivation letter sample for a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists or Masseurs help relieve pain, reduce stress, promote wellness and assist with injury recovery through their services, or sometimes involves some other therapeutic techniques such as yoga or other physical activities. Therapists may be formally or informally employed at: spas, therapeutic or medical centers, fitness facilities or even cruising ships.

In cases you are addressing to your future employers, emphasize your professional training and related experience to help you demarcate yourself from other applicants. If you are educated and trained in some specific types of massage, such as infant massage or sports massage, Thai or other type list those qualifications in separate part of your cover letter.

Motivation letter for Massage Therapist


Angelina Archer

689, American Road

New Orleans

Louisiana, 70310


Telephone: XXXXXXX



Melinda Tristan

HR Manager

America’s first spa center

9605, USA Road

New Orleans

Louisiana, 70310


Dear Ms. Tristan,


I have recently discovered an advertisement regarding hiring of a Massage Therapist at the America’s first spa center at the professional beauty blog of Amanda Scrapers. The add interested me a lot, since I believe I have the crucial skills and qualifications for the position, since I have been visiting your center since the opening in 2009. I enjoy the atmosphere and the space, but mostly the service and I honestly believe that I would be a perfect addition to the center. It would be a great honor for me to serve as your Message Therapist and to improve even more the superb quality of the massage salon. I aspire to work under your guidance and explore more of the Thai massage techniques and widen my scope of learning the different types of other massages types and being of service to people.


My primary specialization is head and chocolate massage, which I mastered during my engagement at Numa Salon in New Orleans. Last eight months I am attending specialized course in Thai massage, which I expect to graduate by the end of year. I had travelled to Thailand on specialized course in Thai massage and I will go there again since my knowledge and skills were improved a lot since my last visit. Furthermore, I have performed the Turkish bathroom massage, stone massage, but therapeutic massages on children also. I have worked as Massage Therapist for ten years, having regular clients, excellent reputation and several diplomas on courses undertaken. Also, as the clients are very satisfied with my service you will not gain just a new employee but many of my loyal customers, as my clients followed me to several Salon where I worked at.


Along with this motivation letter I am sending you my CV, Diplomas and Recommendations, if you need some other documents I am willing to hand it over to you in person. Also, if you have time, I am willing to come at your premises in order to organize a presentation of my technique, and to ensure you in my professional qualities. Please do not hesitate to give me a call in any time you consider is convenient for you.


Thanking you very much in advanced for considering my application,
Yours sincerely
Angelina Archer


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