Motivation letter sample for a CRO Assistant

Dorota Wisikowska

Lucyny Krzemienieckiej, 18907

80000 Gdansk






Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie13, 02350 Warsaw


Ref. Application for a position of a CRO Assistant


Dear Madam/Sir,

I was excited to learn about the post of CRO Assistant in your organization, based in Warsaw, published at the CRO jobs Website. After carefully reading the post, I cannot imagine better opportunity for me, as a Pharmacist, to start a career in clinical research than at your Office, as the position perfectly matches my professional interests, gives me possibility to learn and improve, as mentioned in the company’s offer in the post.

I believe that my Master’s degree in Pharmacy and working experience at several pharmacies and private companies recommends me to fulfill the requirements for the position. Due to my interest in the field of clinical trials, I have passed a course for Clinical Research Associate at CRA Academy in Warsaw last spring, where I gained a vast theoretical knowledge in clinical trials, which I intend to use during my engagement at your Office. During the course at CRA Academy I had opportunity to be included as a participant at clinical trials (during four study visits in 28 days), in which I got familiar with practice and got me initiated to pursue a career in the field of clinical research.

In addition to my working and educational experience, I mastered computer skills which includes Microsoft Outlook, MS office, Power Point, Excel and several statistical packages needed for CRO practice. Also, I posses experience in compiling and maintenance office files in precise time and with strict deadlines set, according to the monthly plans. I am fast learner, so I can easily adjust to new software systems and have excellent written and verbal presentation communication skills. I feel my education and skills and a broad background on this makes me a perfect candidate for your organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience via my mobile phone or e-mail. I would be happy if I get an opportunity to discuss my candidateship with you in greater details.

Thank you very much in advanced for considering me,

Kind Regards,
Dorota Wisikowska

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