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Dear Madam, Sir,

I am fresh graduated student at the University of Sarajevo at the Faculty of Philosophy – Department of Art History – Master in cultural studies, where main subjects were: history of architecture, gender studies and multiculturalism, among the others. I successfully enclosed the studies first in the class with average mark 9.78 (on scale 6 to 10). It was of vast importance to me to gain a master degree as an edition to my undergraduate studies at the sane Department, where I gained the title of Historian of Art – with honors and with average mark of 9.16 (on scale from 6 to 10). Aiming the career in NGO and relief jobs sector, I will welcome the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Mundus – European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations that will be conducted during the academic year 2015-2017.

During my studies and work, I was well equated with a broad range of social issues facing contemporary societies, and in particular modern post-conflict societies, are confronted. Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I became aware of significance of social inclusion of several vulnerable categories like: refugees, marginalized groups and women, as member of the community with especially fragile status. That is why it is of crucial importance for me to gain analytical and comprehensible insight in these processes in order to deal with the fundamental problems that my country is facing.

Being deeply interested in aspects related to displaced persons, multiculturalism and encouraging of human rights development in the whole region of the Western Balkan, I was included in several workshops, conferences and I have done internships in relevant NGO in my country.  Working as an Intern, I mastered skills like project management, initiation and debating, organization of study visits for scholars, etc. Baring in mind the situation in my country, I strongly advocate the opinion that our politicians should be aware that many specialized experts will be needed in order to implement hard society reforms to put Serbia on the map of Human Rights defenders.Even though my undergraduate and graduate programs have given me a strong background in the fundamentals of various subjects like World history of 20th century, Trancultural influences in the past (Christian, Muslim), migrations and gender theories, I still need to widen my knowledge base in order to pursuit a career in that area. I have to continue my study abroad to enrich my skills and broaden my knowledge, because the possibilities in my country are quite narrow.

Currently, I am employed as a volunteer at two NGO (Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR)) on project management, writing and editing publications in English language and international donor co-operation. My responsibilities include promotion of the Human Rights activities, multicultural co-operation between post-war entities and collecting and editing data from wide range of professional literature. Although my current job I find very challenging and interesting, I believe that my capabilities are beyond above mentioned tasks.I would like to become a very active participant in improving social justice and climate in the former Yugoslavia. I consider that this will increase my opportunities to work as civil servant in governmental or nongovernmental sector in fields related to cultural co-operation, where I will be able to act as active player in integration process. I cannot imagine better possibility for me, than enrolling at your master programme.

I have very wide experience with multicultural environment. I am very open-minded, have been participant of several conferences “straightening connections between different cultures” themed that provided me with an indispensable respect on different cultural specificities. Awareness of cultural diversities and differences is one of the main European values and something that the whole EU was built on, but I find them also as personal quality. My personal multinational experience enables me to express well in foreign languages and to adapt easily to new situations. Moreover, my open personality creates an outgoing person with strong interpersonal skills. Also, I am convinced that my strong theoretical base on subjects mentioned is making me capable to follow classes and fulfill chores required by the programme. As studying abroad can be very expensive, I would also appreciate to be considered for Erasmus Mundus scholarship, as I am not able to finance studies on my own, and EU grant is my only possibility for financing my studies.

After I went through the course structure of your master programme and read carefully the overview and the objectives of every single course, I was sure that this programme perfectly matches with my interests.First of all I can complete my theoretical knowledge about various migration-related topics and practice my language skills of English. Also, there is a growing need for trained and experienced professionals in both Migrations studies and Intercultural Relations theory Your University has a very good reputation in this field.

Please have a look at my resume which provides further personal details. I would very much like to be accepted in the Master programme at your Universities. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Yours faithfully,

Azra Komsic

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