Motivation Letter sample for a Training Manager

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Bonds New Street, 27

London, UK

June 7, 2015


Ms. Jaclyn Kim

HR Manager

Company Name

London, UK


RE: Training Manager Position


Dear Ms. Kim,


With this letter I would like to express my motivation for the position of a Training Manager at Your Company.


I hole BSc degree in trade economics, where I have master my math skills and became able to ensure all employees benefit from the good training before being left to work on their own. This is due to the fact that I understand importance of quality assurance in job operations, and I the skills to establish programs that ensure effective work of the employees, in line with Company needs.


I am also experienced in the implementation and transfers of novel technologies in the industry so training programs I create are always current with industry development. Since I am very good in budgeting I always adhere to the envisaged funds, with strong emphasizes on cost effectiveness, which was highly appreciated by my previous employers.


While doing my job I am focused on monitoring and impact assessment of skills trainees gained thru trainings, and based on the assessment I adjust my training, in order to get high effectiveness of the process. I also have the ability to give presentations and answer questions to help ensure employees understand the training they receive.


I am comfortable in acting as a team member, but still I am adjusted to work on my own ,as most of the companies due to the budget restrictions cannot afford having team for training. I would also like to point out that I often implement visual aids where possible in my training, which I find enhancing for the training process. I am well organized in my work, able to multi-task in various training projects, and of course I possess excellent presentation and communication skills which are crucial for this position.


If you have any further questions regarding my application please feel free to contact me via e-mail or the telephone. I am looking forward from hearing from you and for your call to discuss my application in great detail.


Thank you very much in advanced for considering me.




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