Motivation letter for Erasmus student exchange

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby I would like to express my motivation to take part in in the Erasmus – student exchang program to study for one semester abroad as an exchange student at University of Salzburg.

I am nineteen years old, attending second year of studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management Studies, Corvinius University in Hungary. As my major I have chosen Finance, since I have developed strong interest in the field, especially in terms of the current developments on financial markets, and ongoing economic crisis. Therefore, I very interested to go beyond borders, and spend some time abroad, as a part of my studies in Hungary.
I perceive this exchange program as exquisite opportunity to improve my English and German language skills and to experience foreign education system. As Austria is among most developed countries in Europe, I believe I would appreciate a chance to learn about distinguishing competences, in order to be better for my future career in finance. Nevertheless, this is a unique chance to meet new culture, and to expand my contact network, by meeting colleagues from Austria and Europe.


I have well developed leadership skills, as I often tend to take over leader role in my class, but also in extracurricular activities I am involved. In high school I was twice class president, and on the University I represented I group of refreshment students in student parliament of my University. I have developed good presentation skills, which I mastered through training I attended in local youth organization.


I am hard working individual, quite responsible focused to meet deadlines. I tend to perform on exams and other university activities as good as I can, since I enjoy perfectionism, and therefore I strive to gave good grades.


I enjoy traveling and doing sports. Traveling is a way to meet new cultures, learn something new and enrich your personality. I travel both for leisure, and as a part of my activism in student union, where I work as a PR. This is also excellent platform to meet new people, which may become your friends or future colleagues.

Hopefully, opportunity to become Erasmus student in Austria will be valuable experience for my academic and professional career. Therefore I am looking forward to undertake this challenge.

The experience that I could gain by studying in foreign country would be valuable for both my studies and personal development. So, I am ready and willing to take on new challenges.
I would like to thank you dedicating time to consider my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, and to participate in the further stages of selection process.


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