Motivation letter sample for a Master in Industrial Ecology

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for Master’s degree program in Industrial Ecology offered by your University, starting in September 2018. I have decided to apply for this program since it is my determination to become a scientific researcher in the field of Industrial Ecology.


I graduated in 2017, from the National Ukrainian University and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-environmental System Engineering.

Thanks to the book “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things”, I got acquainted with the terms of industrial ecology and circular economy. These phenomenons introduced made me to change my thinking about environmental issues. I found out that industrial ecology, the idea of mimicking natural ecology system is intriguing and complicated. Thus, I took an elective course about practices in corporate sustainability, which has showed me how corporations engage in sustainable development, in terms of economic, environmental and social consideration. In that course, I have found about an examples of companies that applied the principle of industrial ecology to make environment more sustainable, while thrived in economic prospects. The course increased my curiosity in industrial ecology and I started to think how could principle of industrial ecology help solve environmental issues in Ukraine. I found that there are so many environmental issues to work on to make my country become sustainable.

As the profile of the Master’s degree program in Industrial Ecology at the Leiden University is highly international and multidisciplinary. I believed that meeting students from different backgrounds will be a valuable experience because problems in industrial ecology require knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines. Therefore, by discussing with each other, we can gain insight from each other, have a larger picture of the problems and have a better understanding of industrial ecology. Furthermore, courses like Closed-loop supply chains, Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Innovation and Social Change and Design of Sustainable Technological Systems are essential for understanding industrial ecology thoroughly and are also important for dealing with environmental issue nowadays. Considering different prospects and my previous study of the Master’s degree in Industrial Ecology at the Leiden University, I believed that your program is perfect for my study in industrial ecology and will bring me a step closer to reach my goal of being a scientific researcher in the field of industrial ecology.

I consider myself as a student who is diligent, self-disciplined and motivated to explore knowledge from various fields. During my Bachelor, I was trained to think in a systematic way, to analyze a problem while considering other elements in the system that has effects on the problem. I have always dedicated to gaining more knowledge in environmental issues and I am able to learn from my own mistakes. Thus, I attended an internship program in ACEA, and energy giant in Italy. During the internship, I learned how professionals cope with environmental issues in the real-world situations. And also, I had the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to a practical situation and spark interest further in learning environmental issues.

I am interested in knowledge and insight from various fields, especially psychology. My interest in psychology drives me to think about how people react when we are facing environmental issues and helps me see problems in different perspective. Besides my academic activity, I was active in other facets of university life. I was highly committed to develop and achieve the goal of our University Volunteer Club. In this club, I had to organize activities, including planning for volunteer trips and designing interesting workshops for club members to learn the skills and background knowledge during our volunteer trips. I was trained to become an organized person as I was working in the club. During my year in the University Volunteer Club, we successfully hold volunteer trips to Donetsk.

Considering my academic performance and my eager to learn more about industrial ecology, I believed that I can add value to the program. I hope to have this chance to study in the program and dedicate myself to make the world a more sustainable place by utilizing the principle of industrial ecology.

Thank you very much for considering my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,



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