Recruitment Manager Motivation Letter Sample

Recruitment Manager job position supposes dealing with selection of the most suitable candidates for your Company. It involves creating, editing or managing the job adds, choosing the most appropriate medium to publish them (including TV advertisements, radio, internet or social networks). Also, a Recruitment Manager is responsible for all the legal consequences that add will produce, and it should have basic knowledge in law. As the finding of good candidates or employees is related to team work and adapting to the company’s identity and environment, a Recruitment Manager should be good psychologist and its work should be closely related to the management team, but to the Director of the company as well.


Recruitment Manager should also possess a good reporting skills, as the management team will require a lots of reports regarding candidates but also prove of the chosen candidate qualifications and answer to the question why that candidate. In addition, a good Recruitment Manager should have superior interpersonal skills as the position requires using communication techniques in dealing with applicants, management or business partners via telephone, e-mail or social networks.

Motivation letter for Recruitment Manager

Adrian Mond

9800, Hiring Road, AA111, London, UK

telephone: XXXXXXX


Ms. Joanna Ericsson

ABCV Company

123, Workers Road

London, UK




Dear Ms. Ericsson,

I deeply believe that the recruitment team is a key to attracting and keeping the employees’ potential, qualities and loyalty in every company.

My name is Adrian Mond, an application for a position of a Recruitment Manager at your company, as advertised at website. As a highly motivated, proactive and results orientated young professional, I would be honored to serve your company and be a part of your recruitment team. My skills and qualifications are closely related with proven results in candidate’s selection process, screening resumes and first instance judgement of potential candidates, creation of job position description, monitoring the application process and IT maintenance of the jobs advertised. Related to my competence, I have several projects undertaken listed in my LinkedIn profile, but also Recommendations of my former employers and University professors.

Currently, I am in member of small team of recruitment professionals at ETYDF Company London department. My present role includes creation of job advertisements at social networks and the company website, proofing and editing the HR reports for our main offices in Singapore and implementing company’s procedures and regulations regarding hiring new workers. But, I believe my capacities are above that, so that is why I applied for a position at your company. I believe I would be a perfect addition to your HR department and company’s environment will be perfect for me to utilize my potential for company’s benefit but to my career development also.

I have attached my Resume, Recommendations and the requested application form for the position along with this Motivation Letter. If you have any further question regarding my application please do not hesitate to contact me via mail or telephone.

Thank you very much in advanced for considering me and I am looking forward for your call to discuss my application in greater detail.

Sincerely Yours,

Adrian Mond


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